Nutritional efficacy of monomeric nitrogen based acids


Release:2022-07-20 09:27:50


Lysine and methionine are the monomeric amino acids often added in aquatic feed, because energy feed and plant protein feed are two bulk raw materials in aquatic feed, lysine is the most deficient in energy feed, and methionine is the most deficient in plant protein feed.


1. Nutritional effect of lysine:


Lysine plays a very important role in maintaining the normal growth and development of aquatic animals and the normal function of nervous system. Lack of lysine in the feed will cause negative nitrogen effect (protein decomposition and excretion), so that the protein in the feed can not be fully utilized, aquatic animals grow slowly, and there will be fatty liver, bone calcification rate reduction and other symptoms.


2. Nutritional effect of methionine:


Methionine is an amino acid containing * * * sulfur in essential amino acids, which is involved in the transfer of methyl in aquatic animals, the synthesis of adrenaline, choline and inositol, and the metabolism of phospholipids in the liver. Methionine can synthesize lysine, which has the function of liver protection and detoxification. Therefore, methionine can promote the growth of aquatic animals and prevent fatty liver, flower liver and other diseases.

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