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Sichuan Shihong Technology Co., Ltd

Sichuan Shihong Technology Co., Ltd.is  a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, service and import & export trade. It specializes in the R & D and production of Amino Acids and Amino Acid Chelates for Agriculture, Feed and Chemical industries.

We have an independent R & D department and a standard professional laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with advanced detection instruments such as  High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer,  Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer, Polarimeter and Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determinator, which can detect the contents of various metal elements, amino acids, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and organic matters.

Our leading products are mainly used in organic agriculture: Organic Enzymatic Hydrolysed Amino Acid 80%, chlorine free Amino Acid powder, Hydrolyzed Amino Acid 80%, salt free Amino Acid powder, liquid and other products.

At the same time, most of the products can also be used in the chemical fermentation industry.

We adopt advanced chelation production technology and the latest production process to produce amino acid chelate Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and other products. It has the characteristics of stable content, long-lasting absorption and slow-release, and avoids the disadvantages of low absorption rate of inorganic trace  elements, difficult transportation and large loss. 

The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in North America, 
Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, etc., and are highly praised by customers.

We always adhere to the policy of "Quality First, Customer First", carry out in-depth cooperation with customers at domestic and abroad, implements the advantageous allocation and complementarity of resources, and better provides customers with high-quality services.