Application effect of compound amino acids


Release:2022-07-14 16:06:31


Compound amino acids come from a wide range of sources, and their application effect is very obvious, whether as fertilizer or feed, so they are deeply welcomed by the majority of farmers, and have already had some audience groups. Now let's talk about the application effect of compound amino acids.

1、 Compound amino acid fertilizer

1. Compound amino acid powder can provide more comprehensive nutrition for plants and can be used as raw materials for leaf fertilizer, concentrated fertilizer and liquid fertilizer;

2. The addition of compound amino acids to fermented soybean meal and fermented feed is conducive to balancing the nutritional needs of microorganisms, promoting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and faster, better and more thorough fermentation;

2、 Compound amino acid feed

1. After spray drying with special technology, the compound amino acid has large volume and light weight, and its weight is only half of that of ordinary feed. It is especially suitable for the production of expanded aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, and sea water fish;

2. Compound amino acids can supplement the most effective 20% nutrients lost in the process of fish meal processing, or supplement the amino acids that are not fully nutritious in fish meal that is not processed by whole fish. It contains a variety of nutritious amino acids that are necessary for animals. It can supplement all kinds of essential amino acids, especially the essential amino acids that are easy to be lacking in conventional feed raw materials and plant feeds. Using the principle of "barrel effect" of balanced amino acids, It has synergistic effect on other nutrients;

3. Compound amino acid powder a variety of nutritional components contained in compound amino acid are completely soluble in water in ionic state after microbial fermentation, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of aquatic animals. It can replace fish meal to supplement nutrition. It is suitable for aquatic animals to eat and grow rapidly. Special aquatic products can replace fish meal to save costs and achieve remarkable results;

4. Cystine, tyrosine and serine rich in complex amino acids can promote the growth of livestock and poultry fur. The skin of pigs is ruddy and the hair color is shiny. Yellow chickens can increase the brightness of hair color and the color of crowns and feet;

5. It can increase flavor and freshness, promote animal appetite, and the content of compound amino acid glutamate is high. It has the effect of regulating taste and promoting animal appetite. Aquatic feed can replace betaine to increase the palatability of feed.

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